Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Saint Mary's

It was another good week at Saint Mary's. The three skills that we observed were the leap, horizontal jump, and the slide. My group worked with a lot of different ages actually. At first we were working with pre-k outdoors where we played a few different tag games trying to incorporate different movement patterns. Being outside really limited the children because everyone was cold and not really into the games just wanting to go back inside. We actually ran a version of our group activity called the Dora the Explorer Adventure game. We set up different stations along the playground and the the kids had to follow the two leaders. We had fake trees which were just batons covered in green paper to make it an authentic game.

Once we were inside though, we were with a lot of different grades playing the Dora the Explorer game. We had children from the ages of pre-k to 8 playing and enjoying this game. The age difference was obvious seeing that the 8 year olds were stronger and were faster with their movements. The pre-k children were also holding there own in executing the skills once you showed them how to do it and what the exact movement was.

This was a great game to play with the children because it was new and exciting. The children were curious as to how you played this game and could relate because they watched the show Dora the Explorer. I think if they could have, they would have done this game for a full hour if we didn't stop them, that's how much fun they were having. It was an overall great day for the kids and the instructors because we knew we had done our part and succeeded for the day.

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