Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The PE mini conference

Last Saturday I attended the PE mini conference at park center. I watched 3 different presentations of games. These games weren't ordinary games however, they were new fun games. Games that were exciting and kept people's interest. The first presentation I attend was a game with a gigantic pink ball. I forget the name of it but the object of the game was simple. Their were 3 different teams on the floor: green, black and red. The object of the game was to hit the ball in the air, swinging your arms like a baseball bat. The team color that is called out has to catch the ball without it hitting the ground. This was cool because it was something that I have ever have seen before, and it was a new game that kept my interest and a game I will defiantly keep in mind when teaching my physical education class.

The next presentation i watched was another game/activity that kept everyone moving. There were cones set up in a huge box. The object of the activity was that everyone had one sheet of newspaper. The idea was to run around the cones so fast that the newspaper stuck to your chest and didn't fall off. The faster you ran, the more the newspaper stayed on. This was a great concept because it was a fun game where everyone was laughing and smiling, but it was also health related; trying to achieve a goal. The idea that I was really impressed by was that how everyone their was having so much fun: with a sheet of newspaper. It's just being creative, things I never even thought of before and it really opens my eyes and mind as to what I should think for as games.

The last station I went to was just all about health. It was different and fun ways to do push-ups, sit-ups and relay races. In one relay race we ran back and forth, but while waiting on line, you had to do jumping jacks or sliding. This was a great idea because even the people waiting their turn were still being active and that's the way the game should be played. we also learned a variation of push-ups where u get with a partner and give each other a high five while your arms are extended. It was just good to see the different ways that you can make all the old boring exercises fun for kids, knowing they wont be to thrilled to do them in the first place. They now have something else to concentrate on.

The mini conference really opened my eyes as to what i should be striding for to become a PE teacher. The ideas, the games everything was so great. It was the first one I ever attended seeing that it is my first semester here and i was really blown away. I hope to attend as many as I can and come with as many great ideas and concepts as I did from this one.

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