Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Rough week at Saint Mary's

It was a rough week at Saint Mary's. The kids were really loud on this particular day, and weren't really all that interested in what we had to say while explaining the games. I think the reason for this was that they had been inside all day and were ready to let loose. In a way, it was good to experience this first hand so you know what you could possibly encounter in the future. How to deal with kids as they get rowdy and loud. Another tip that I picked up was that you should always have a set of rules before you go out their and teach and have a set plan. One group went out and was kind of unsure as to what they were doing. You could tell because the children lost interest very quickly and it was hard to regain their focus

The game that me and Jason did was a tag game that dealt with Halloween. I think it was a good idea because the kids were in the spirit and were in the mood to do something with the holiday involved. The point of the game was that their was a witch on a broomstick (noodle). She/he was the tagger and when you were tagged, you were frozen in place. The only way you can become untagged is if someone with a ball throws it to you and you throw it back, freeing you. Everyone had one of those spider balls and that was what we were throwing back and forth.

All in all, it was a good game to play with the kids and at certain points they really got into it. At times, however, there minds wondered and drifted off to other things and did get loud. If the kids minds aren't captured and involved the interest level drops faster then you could ever imagine.

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