Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Saint Mary's memories

We have one more lab day at Saint Mary's and it all has gone by so fast. I like how each week is a different motor skill so that we are forced to find different games and activities that the kids must learn. In my opinion, trying to assess the kids is the hardest part. You have to concentrate on one or two kids the entire time and really really watch them. You must see if their movements are correct, what they are doing wrong, doing right. It is very important do this because in the future they might be problems you will encounter in the teaching field.

It is good practice to know what kids struggle with and what some of them are good at. Some games focus more on motor skills then others. Other times, it is fun just to play with them and do something they really enjoy. The younger kids really enjoy tag games as the older kids are more into sports like basketball and soccer.

Their were also problems encountered with the Saint Mary's children. Some of them were just so energetic we just couldn't control them and it got out of hand. They have been cooped up all day in class and just ready to let loose. One problem, however, is that they just want too do their own game or own sport. Their not very interested in what you have to say or what game you are ready to present but just want too have their own fun. It is all natural though, since I'm sure I was the same way when I was in elementary school. Next Monday is our next and last lab day and we are hoping to incorporate some Christmas themes.

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